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At a Glance

Educators’ Guide

Discovery Room Programs: Animal Coverings (K-2) (PDF or MS Word), Exploring Ecosystems (PDF or MS Word)

This exhibition focuses on the diversity of mammals, including humans, and the processes by which they arose and continue to adapt. There are 274 mammal specimens and dozens of fossils featured in a variety of environments.


Expand Your Experience:


For Field Trips

Educators’ Guide

The Teacher's Guide includes brief interpretations for each of the six main areas of the Behring Family Hall of Mammals, a vocabulary list, an online list of resources, and a few suggestions for your visit. It also features a table that correlates areas of the Behring Family Hall of Mammals with National Science Education Standards and Benchmarks for Life Science (Standard C) for grade levels K-4 and 5-8.


Web-based Student Activities

North American Mammals

North American Mammals - This English/Spanish website is a tool for exploring the continent and discovering its strange and wonderful fur-bearing animals. Every species has a page. Great images, unusual audio recordings, and rotating skulls highlight mammal adaptations, and an interactive map lets students create field guides for any North American location.

Mammal Family Reunion

Designed for ages 11 and up, the Mammal Family Reunion interactive website allows students to explore questions about mammals--what defines a mammal, where mammals live, and how they evolved.


For the Classroom

Measuring Biodiversity across North America

Bring biodiversity field data into the classroom using state-of-the-art interactive mapping technology. This resource combines an in-class lesson plan with interactive online components for comparing the richness of biodiversity across two or more geographic areas.

Annotated Mammals Resource List

The list has helpful notes on more than a dozen books on mammals from Africa to the Americas that you can use in your classroom.

Beaked Whales Identification Guide

See whales as you have never before seen them in the Beaked Whale Identification Guide.

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