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Baseball As America

Baseball As America

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Dugout: Tales from
America's Pastime

Tales from America's PastimeVisitors to the Baseball As America exhibit share their most memorable moments as players, fans and observers of the game of baseball.

Baseball As America is a national celebration of America 's romance with baseball. Organized by the National Baseball Hall of Fame and drawn from its unparalleled collections, this unprecedented exhibition marks the first time that these Hall of Fame treasures have left their legendary home in Cooperstown, New York.

Through the exploration of a broad range of themes, including immigration, nationalism, integration, technology and popular culture, Baseball As America reveals how baseball has served as both a reflection and a shaper of American society.

Baseball As America examines such aspects of the game as the rituals of fans and players; myth making and the role of heroes; the impact of technology on performance; segregation, integration and baseball's role as a ladder of mobility for ethnic groups; the game's evolution as a business; the physics of the home run and the curveball; and baseball's presence throughout popular culture as a subject and metaphor, among many other aspects. Ultimately, Baseball As America reveals how the development of American culture owes so much to a 19th century game, affecting everything from our language and literature to movies, mass communication and art.

For more information, visit the tour Web site at http://www.baseballasamerica.org/.

The exhibit is on the first floor of the museum and runs through October 3, 2004.

The national tour of Baseball As America is sponsored by Ernst & Young.
The Washington DC appearance of Baseball As America is sponsored by Bank of America