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Ring and Penannular Brooch

Irish-style Penannular Brooch
University of Bergen Museum B8377
Photo: Peter Harholdt


Smithsonian Institution

William Fitzhugh, Director, Arctic Studies Center
Laura McKie, Assistant Director for Education
Daniel Odess, Research Associate
Heather Rostker, Project Manager, Exhibits
Elisabeth Ward, Curatorial Specialist, Viking Project

Timreck Productions
Timreck Productions

S2N Media
S2N Media

Obective Consulting, Inc.
Objective Consulting, Inc.


3-D components produced by: Pixelyard Production and Cycore Inc. for interactive 3D components; S2N Media for 3D ship animation.

The voices presented on this website: Bo Brundin, actor, narration of numerous saga and literary excerpts, produced by Joel Stuart of Charles Morrow Associates for the National Museum of Natural History; John Prusinski, S2N Media, narration of "Skeleton in Armor" and Jelling Stone inscription; T. W. Timreck, Timreck Productions, video narration for introductory segments at each stop; and Jonathan Ward, WardTV and Cronkite/Ward for video narration of the main introductory segment.

Individuals in the video selections: Jette Arneborg, Danish National Museum; Tony Ault, political cartoonist; Colleen Batey, Glasgow Museums, Scotland; Joel Berglund, Greenland National Museum and Archive; Arne Emil Christensen, Viking Ship Museum, Oslo; William W. Fitzhugh, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution; Gwynn Jones, author, The Norse Atlantic Saga; Judith Lindbergh, author, Bribrau's Saga; Thomas H. McGovern, Hunter College, City College of New York; Anna Ritchie, University of Edinburgh, Scotland; Gisli Sigurdsson, Árni Magnússon Institute, Reykjavík, Iceland; Patricia Sutherland, Canadian Museum of Civilization, Ottawa; Birgitta L. Wallace, Parks Canada, Halifax; Elisabeth Ward, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution; and Pamela Ward-Levi, Mikmaq First Nation, Red Bank, New Brunswick.

Interviews excerpted from: Leif Eriksson, the Man who Almost Changed the World,. Ward Television, 2000; Viking America. Timreck Productions, 1994; and "Vikings: The North Atlantic Saga Symposium," National Museum of Natural History, 2000.

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