Our crew flew from Salekhard to the Bovanyenkogo oil fields. En route we visited Yarte 6, excavated with the participation of Andrei Golovnev and Natalya Fedorova in 1991-1995. The site was tree-ring dated to AD 800-1000, is located on a ridge near a lake and is surrounded by lush grass quite different from the rest of the local tundra vegetation. Andrei pointed out this special vegetation which is a feature that helped us identify other sites in the Yamal. The site area contained reindeer antlers and bones and piles of culturally-modified stones imported from the southern regions of Yamal.

- Sven Haakanson


Yamal Video Field Notes
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Here we are at Tuitey-Sale 1. I found this site on a "midnight survey." I was looking for the site Chernetsov found around here in the 1930's. His published reports on the site present his conclusions-that this represents a maritime adopted culture dating to 11-12th century AD. We found copper or bronze pot fragments, a nice ceramic sample, charcoal, wood, bones, Andrei found brass chain jewelry, Sven found a very nice ornamented brass or copper knife handle.


- William Fitzhugh

This site contains cultural levels preserved in the permafrost which would be important in understanding the role that sea mammal hunting played, together with reindeer herding over the last millennium within the Yamal region. The area used to be visited by walrus, polar bear, and white whales during the spring and summer months. Today they return occasionally. A walrus and a polar bear were killed here two years ago.

- Sven Haakanson

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