Andrei says there's a certain symbiosis between the herders and the oil industry. The latter realize they need the goodwill of the rightful (though not accorded politically) landowners. The Nenets, some of whose best summer grazing lands are in the Bovo region, need the oil camps' resources - vodka, bread and a few other necessities. This reminded me of the situation between the Inuit in Canada and the DEW line stations when they were first established.

- William Fitzhugh


Yamal Video Field Notes
The twentieth century comes to the Yamal.
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With the Nenets, we had an interesting discussion about the oil industry and Amoco's involvement. Sasha, one of the young men, was very well informed of Amoco's activities and had said each time he heard presentations from Amoco, they had said they would not work in the Yamal without the Nenets' approval first. Nenets  see Amoco as a good and environmentally responsible company that will not do what has been done in the past to the land; they heard that after Amoco drills and is in production, the only thing visible and left behind is the well head. I would say the Amoco message is getting out to the Nenets very clearly and effectively.

 - William Fitzhugh

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