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Tufted Puffin

lick on a tab to open the portfolio and learn about the animals of the Arctic! Biologist Doug Siegel-Causey shares his knowledge and special insights about this icy world and its inhabitants.

Meet 19th Century explorer and naturalist Edward Nelson.

Spruce up your Arctic vocabulary. Check out the Glossary.

From the Editors: We know full well that there are many other animals in the Arctic! If we've missed your favorite, drop us a line... but don't say "penguins." You'll have to travel to Antarctica to see those! We hope to add  to this portfolio with new sections including Native perspectives as well as sections on fish, insects and a set of lesson plans for educators. If you would like to submit lesson plans please let us know. Our thanks go out to Douglas Siegel-Causey, Robert Hoffman, William Fitzhugh, Steven Loring and Eric Hoberg.

Tufted Puffin
Photo © Eric Hoberg