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Archeology, Anthropology and other Sciences
General Resources
Museums, Exhibits and Collections UPDATED!
Native Sites and Native Resources

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Archeology, Anthropology and other Sciences

Tukilik: A Window to the Great North
The Tukilik Foundation seeks to strengthen our understanding of how the Inumariit   - the traditional Inuit - perceived their physical and metaphysical environment.

The Arctic Circle
University of Connecticut, USA.
Arctic anthropology, environment, social justice and other arctic issues.

National Science Foundation Office of Polar Programs
Washington, D.C., USA.
Science research in the Arctic and Antarctic

Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre
Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada.
Archeology and Heritage of Canada's Northwest Territories.

The Canadian Indian
Indian and Northern Affairs, Government of Canada.
Comprehensive information about Canadian Indians.

Archaeology in Arctic North America
University of Waterloo, Canada.
A graduate student's research in the Canadian High Arctic.

The McDougall Sound Archaeological Research Project
University of Calgary, Canada.
Archaeological research carried out in the Canadian High Arctic, includes slides.

The Arctic Center
University of Lapland, Finland.
Science, Research, Databases, Information and a listing of arctic science Web resources.

Arctic System Science (ARCSS) Data Coordination Center
University of Colorado at Boulder, USA.
Arctic science data and realtime arctic weather information.

Arctic Long Term Ecological Research Site, Alaska
Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, MA USA.
Research into Arctic Ecosystems.

Baikal Archaeology Project, Siberia
University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB Canada.
Archaeological research in the Lake Baikal region of Siberia, Russia.


North Slope Borough School District
Barrow, Alaska, USA.
A northern school district that is seriously Web savvy.

National Science and Technology Week - Polar Connections
Washington, D.C., USA.
Science experiments, lesson plans and more on the topic of the poles.

NOAA Arctic Theme Page
Wide array of information about Arctic climate and peoples for researchers, educators and students.

Alaska, USA.
Text-based information about Alaska.

General Resources

The Arctic Circle
University of Connecticut, USA.
A wonderful resource on arctic issues.

The Arctic Centre
University of Lapland in Rovaniemi, Finland.
Maintains Polar Web, a huge information resource.

The Arctic Research Consortium of the United States (ARCUS)
Fairbanks, Alaska
A non-profit corporation dedicated to Arctic research and related disciplines.

The Northern Forum
An organization of northern regional governments world-wide.
Click on the member links for some great info and supporting pictures.

Will Rich Photography
Arctic and Subarctic Photography and Arctic Studies Center Gateways Project collaboration.

arrowQajaq USA
The American chapter of the Greenland Kayak Association.

Museums, Exhibits and Collections

Anchorage Loan Conservation Project
Living Our Cultures, Sharing our Heritage: The First Peoples of Alaska represents one of the largest and most fruitful loans of cultural artifacts ever made by the Smithsonian Institution. Curated by Aron L. Crowell and co-curated by Dawn Biddison, the exhibit was launched in May of 2010 in a new wing of the Anchorage Museum (AM) at Rasmuson Center.

Anchorage Museum of History and Art
The largest museum in Alaska, the Anchorage Museum is a community-based institution with exhibits and programs on the art, history and cultures of Alaska.

Bone, Snow Knives and Tin Oil Lamps: Enduring Traditions Among Canada's First Peoples
Royal Ontario Museum, Canada.
A collection of over 180 objects representing many of Canada's First Peoples.

The Grand Hall - The Raven's Village Exhibit
The Canadian Museum of Civilization Corporation.
A virtual tour through the Pacific Coast Indians artifacts.

Alutiiq Museum
Located on Kodiak Island, this museum has an impressive permanent exhibit space and hosts special exhibitions.

Sven Haakanson, Jr. PhD email

Potlatch Collection
The U'Mista Cultural Centre, Alert Bay, British Columbia, Canada
A wonderful collection of photos and info.

First Nations Art (Canada)
A large resource of links to Native art and artists.

Cape Dorset Artists with links to Inuit Cultural Perspectives
NWT, Canada.
Interviews with native elders and photos of related artwork.

Marc Deneyer, Photographer, Greenland
Photographic journey through Greenland

Jerry Riley, Photographer, Canada.
Photos of Innuit elders, and sculpture exhibit by Inuit Artists.

Native Sites and Native Resources

Alaska Native Knowledge
Network Resource for educators and researchers to learn about the knowledge systems of Alaskan natives.

Central Council of Tlinget and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska

Innu Nation
Labrador, Canada.
Information on Innu history and culture and much more.

The Repatriation Office
National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, USA.
Information on repatriation issues.

The Alaska Native Heritage Center
Events, activities and information celebrating Alaska's cultural heritage.