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Department of Anthropology

Arctic Studies Center

Three aspects of ARCTIC CRASHES make the project unique.

First, the entire study is cross-disciplinary. ARCTIC CRASHES aims to reach a consensus conclusion on the impact of the climate-human-habitat relationship on animal population fluctuations and the local people who rely on them by combining information from several different scientific disciplines. To learn more about these different fields of study, see the DISCIPLINES page.

Second, ARCTIC CRASHES will prominently feature the testimony of indigenous hunters and elders local to the area of population crashes. This will create a wider breadth of knowledge by including generations worth of information that have been accumulated through daily hunting and observational practices by the people who know the area better than anyone in the world.

Finally, the project will feature six different case studies across several different arctic regions, with the sub-population being the primary unit of analysis. Extinction of a species starts with the sub-extinction of a population. By analyzing several different sub-extinctions from a variety of arctic mammals that serves as subsistence resources for local people, ARCTIC CRASHES will be able to observe reoccurring trends in climate change and human intervention that contribute to population fluctuation.


Content Prepared by Joshua Fiacco


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