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Update: 4/18/14

Dr. Fitzhugh just finished a report on the 2013 field study of Basque whalers and cod fisherman and their Inuit partners at the Hare Harbor dig site. This study will shed light on one of the several instances when Eskimos moved south of the central Labrador coast to take advantage of the southern expansion of arctic sea mammals during cold climate periods.

Update: 4/15/14

Dr. Aron Crowell is currently working on research for the Yakutat Seal Project, which will apply to his case study Harbor Seals and Human Agents in the Gulf of Alaska. His current progress is in preparation for his May 19th trip to the Gulf of Alaska, during which he will interview hunters and film seal hunting expeditions.

Update: 4/16/14

Dr. Nicolas Pyenson left today on an expedition to Alaska to collect DNA samples from arctic sea mammals. He will return on April 27,th 2014 with his findings.



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