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Ainu: Spirit of a Northern People


Ainu: Spirit of a Northern People
Edited by William W. Fitzhugh and Chisato O. Dubreuil
Exhibit Catalogue 415 pages, 897 illustrations

As soon as the Ainu became known outside Japan in the early 1800s, scholars recognized that their history was different from that of surrounding Japanese, Korean, and Siberian peoples. This book presents a broad range of contemporary scholarship on Ainu studies by leading European, American, and Japanese scholars, and by native Ainu artists and cultural leaders. Using materials from early, unpublished Ainu collections in North America, supplemented by archaeological, archival, and modern art from Japan, Ainu culture is presented here as a rich blend of traditional and modern belief.

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OKI featuring Umeko Ando
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Musicians: Oki: vocal, Tonkori, Mukkuri and Umeko Ando: Vocal,
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A Short Bibliography of Ainu Publications in English For your convenience, we have developed a short bibliography of recommended readings that you may find in your library. In regards to some of the later publications, the ISBN number has been included, where possible, should you want to purchase them. If you can't find some of the older books, we recommend that you try a "book finder".

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