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Department of Anthropology, Arctic Studies Center

International Gallery Exhibitions

The International Gallery, located off of the Ripley Center's main concourse, will host traveling exhibitions from several outside organizations, as well as providing conference participants a place to rest, converse, and enjoy refreshments. Participants are encouraged to wander the gallery and explore our three visiting exhibits while they relax!

ITK's "Polar Lines: The Inuit Editorial Cartoon Exhibition"

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ITK's "Polar Lines" exhibition, located in the front portion of the International Gallery, features 100 cartoons organized in 10 thematic panels. The cartoons span 50 years of Canadian history, and feature artists' perspectives on the Arctic using the satirical graphic tradition of political cartoons.

To learn more about ITK, please visit the website, or to learn more about the "Polar Lines" exhibit, please visit the exhibit website. If you are interested in hosting "Polar Lines" for your venue, please contact Scot Nickels.

Many Strong Voices: Arctic Edition

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The Many Strong Voices panels, located in the back portion of the International Gallery, use photography and stories to highlight the impact of global environmental change upon the land and people of the Arctic and Small Island Developing States.

To learn more about Many Strong Voices, please visit their website. If you are interested in hosting a Many Strong Voices exhibition, please contact John Crump.

Morrow Sound: Sound Design Environments

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MorrowSound,  located in the back atrium and near the refreshments table of the International Gallery, provides sound design environments, many specifically from the Arctic. Charles Morrow Productions LLC plans, designs and builds projects in True 3D and other sound design environments. CMP creates immersive  sound content, employs branded sound and can incorporate voices and music. Our original Soundscapes can bring to life natural environments, cityscapes and all places in between. We have performed our sound magic for museum installations, commercial soundtracks, performance sound, audio tours and new media.  MorrowSound can capture events in 3D and also blow-up 2D recordings of any age and format.  

To learn more about MorrowSound, please visit their website or explore their latest project. If you are interested in MorrowSound's services, please contact

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