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Department of Anthropology, Arctic Studies Center


Do Smithsonian employees, contractors or volunteers need to register? Yes, but all SI employees, contractors and volunteers are eligible for the student rate ($125). Please be sure to mention your status in the remarks section when you register.

I submitted a paper/session, do I need to register? Yes, all presenters must register to participate in the conference.

Why haven't I been charged for registration yet? All transactions are reconciled at the end of every month.

Sessions and Papers

Is there any funding available to attend the 18th Inuit Studies Conference? While the conference committee has applied for travel stipends, we only have a budget of a very modest amount and these funds are allocated primarily towards assisting with travel costs for a small number of Inuit presenters and performers. We are encouraging participants to seek funding through relevant channels that they are eligible for in order to assist with their travel costs.

Can I still submit a session? The call for sessions is now closed. However, if there is interest in your topic and speakers are willing to contribute to a full session, the committee encourages you to submit your session as a paper through our online system and contact your session speakers and have them specify in the comment section that they would like to participate in your session.

Can I still submit an abstract? The call for abstracts has been extended until April 30th, please submit your abstracts via our online system.

Did my abstract go through? Everyone should recieve an abstract confirmation which confirms reciept of your abstract.


What is the conference language, will any conference materials be translated into other languages? The conference language is English, no other languages will be used.

Additional Questions? Please contact Lauren Marr


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