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Richard Barclay

Research Geologist

I am a paleobotanist who uses fossil plants to solve geological problems. I study deep-time fossil plant records, integrate those with high-resolution geochemical records, and work within temporally well-constrained sections to maximize the results of my efforts. My research interests focus on 4 main areas: 1) global carbon cycle perturbations; 2) paleoclimate change; 3) mass extinction events; and 4) species evolution and radiation.

Department / Division
  • Ph.D. Northwestern University, 2011
  • M.S. University of Florida, 2002
  • B.S. Western Washington University, 1996
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Journal Article
Book Chapter
  • Miller, Ian M., Johnson, Kirk R., Kline, Douglas E., Nichols, Douglas J., and Barclay, Richard S. 2013. "A LateCampanian Flora from the Kaiparowits Formation, Southern Utah, and a Brief Overview of the Widely Sampled but Little-Known Campanian Vegetation of the Western Interior of North America." In At the Top of the Grand Staircase: The Late Cretaceous of Southern Utah. Titus, Alan L. and Loewen, Mark A., editors. 107–131. Indiana University Press.
  • Barclay, Richard S. and Johnson, Kirk R. 2004. "West Bijou Site Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary, Denver Basin, Colorado." In Field Trips in the Southern Rocky Mountains, USA ; GSA Field Guide 5:. 59–68. Geological Society of America. 5