Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

Gene Hunt

Research Geologist and Curator of Ostracoda
Department / Division
  • B.S., Duke University
  • M.S., University of Chicago
  • Ph.D., University of Chicago
Research Interests
Deep-sea Ostracoda; macroevolution; quantitative approaches in paleontology.
  • Evangelista Nogueira, Anna Andressa, Feijo Ramos, Maria Ines, and Hunt, Gene. 2019. "Taxonomy of Ostracods from the Pirabas Formation (Upper Oligocene to Lower Miocene), Eastern Amazonia (Para State, Brazil)." Zootaxa 4573 (1):1–+.
  • Yasuhara, Moriaki, Hunt, Gene, and Okahashi, Hisayo. 2019. "Quaternary deep-sea ostracods from the north-western Pacific Ocean: global biogeography and Drake-Passage, Tethyan, Central American and Arctic pathways." Journal of Systematic Palaeontology 17 (2):91–110.
  • Benson, Roger B. J., Hunt, Gene, Carrano, Matthew T., and Campione, Nicolas. 2018. "Cope's rule and the adaptive landscape of dinosaur body size evolution." Palaeontology 61 (1):13–48.
  • Martins, Maria Joao Fernandes, Puckett, T. Markham, Lockwood, Rowan, Swaddle, John P., and Hunt, Gene. 2018. "High male sexual investment as a driver of extinction in fossil ostracods." Nature 556 (7701):366–+.
  • Sibert, Elizabeth, Friedman, Matt, Hull, Pincelli, Hunt, Gene, and Norris, Richard. 2018. "Two pulses of morphological diversification in Pacific pelagic fishes following the Cretaceous - Palaeogene mass extinction." Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 285 (1888):20181194–20181194.
  • Fernandes Martins, Maria João, Hunt, Gene, Lockwood, Rowan, Swaddle, John P., and Horne, David J. 2017. "Correlation between investment in sexual traits and valve sexual dimorphism in Cyprideis species (Ostracoda)." PloS One 12 (7):1–19.
  • Hunt, Gene. 2017. "Species Concepts in the Rocks." Journal of Mammalian Evolution 1–2.
  • Hunt, Gene, Martins, M. Joao Fernandes, Puckett, T. Markham, Lockwood, Rowan, Swaddle, John P., Hall, Christine M. S., and Stedman, James. 2017. "Sexual dimorphism and sexual selection in cytheroidean ostracodes from the Late Cretaceous of the US Coastal Plain." Paleobiology 43 (4):620–641.
  • Yasuhara, Moriaki, Iwatani, Hokuto, Hunt, Gene, Okahashi, Hisayo, Kase, Tomoki, Hayashi, Hiroki, Irizuki, Toshiaki, Aguilar, Yolanda M., Fernando, Allan Gil S., and Renema, Willem. 2017. "Cenozoic dynamics of shallow-marine biodiversity in the Western Pacific." Journal of Biogeography 44 (3):567–578.
  • Bush, Andrew M., Hunt, Gene, and Bambach, Richard K. 2016. "Sex and the shifting biodiversity dynamics of marine animals in deep time." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 113 (49):14073–14078.

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