Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

Darrin Lunde

Collection Manager

My interests are focused on mammal collections and their role in advancing science and enriching our daily lives. I have accumulated twenty years of experience at the American Museum and the National Museum of Natural History, and am active in promoting the shared missions of these and other great mammal collections around the world.  Key to the vitality of any museum is the continuation of active field work, and I have done my part by leading expeditions throughout the Americas, Africa, and South East Asia. I have named more than a dozen new species of mammals and shed light on hundreds of other, lesser-known species. My overarching professional goal is to illuminate the rich diversity of mammals with which we share the world.

Department / Division
  • M.A. (Ecology, Evolutionary Biology and Systematics): City College of New York, 2002
  • B.S. (Animal Sciences): Cornell University, 1991
Research Interests

Supervision of collection management activities in the Division of Mammals, including accessions, specimen preparation, cataloging, specimen installations, curation, loans, information requests, and assisting visitors.

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