Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

Christina Gebhard

Museum Specialist
Department / Division


  • BA University of Washington (1999), Zoology
  • BFA University of Washington (1999), Metal Design
Research Interests

Responsible for collection management activities, including accessions, specimen preparation, cataloging, specimen installations, loans, information requests, and assisting visitors. Interests in field work and specimen preparation.

Journal Article
Book Chapter
  • Angehr, George R., Schmidt, Brian K., Njie, F., Christy, P., Gebhard, C., Tchingnoumba, L., and Ombenotori, M. 2006. "Bird Surveys in the Gamba Complex of Protected Area, Gabon." In Gamba, Gabon: Biodiversity of an equatorial African rainforest. Alonso, Alfonso, Lee, Michelle E., Campbell, P., Pauwels, O., and Dallmeier, Francisco, editors. 327–351. Washington, DC: Biological Society of Washington.