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Carol Hotton

Resident Research Associate
Department / Division
  • Ph.D. University of California, Davis, 1988
  • M.S. University of California, Davis, 1982
  • B.S. George Washington University
Journal Article
  • Boyce, C. Kevin and Hotton, Carol L. 2010. "Prototaxites was Not a Taphonomic Artifact." American Journal of Botany, 97, (7) 1073.
  • Ren, Dong, Labandeira, Conrad C., Santiago-Blay, Jorge A., Rasnitsyn, Alexandr, Shih, ChungKun, Bashkuev, Alexei, Logan, M. Amelia V., Hotton, Carol L., and Dilcher, David. 2009. "A probable pollination mode before angiosperms: Eurasian, long-proboscid scorpionflies." Science, 326, (5954) 840–847.
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  • Li, C. S., Hueber, Francis M., and Hotton, Carol L. 2000. "A neotype for Drepanophycus spinaeformis Goeppert 1852." Canadian Journal of Botany, 78 889–902.
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  • Doyle, James A., Hotton, Carol L., and Ward, Jerome V. 1990. "Early Cretaceous Tetrads, Zonasulculate Pollen, and Winteraceae. I. Taxonomy, Morphology,and Ultrastructure." American Journal of Botany, 77, (12) 1544–1557.

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Book Chapter
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