Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

Bevan French

Adjunct Scientist
Department / Division
Research Interests

Geology of terrestrial meteorite craters: formation, identification, and geological and bio-logical effects; identification of unique impact-produced shock-wave effects in minerals and rocks; impact debris in the terrestrial sedimentary record and at major extinction bounadries

  • Gurov, E. P., Permiakov, V. V., and French, Bevan M. 2021. "Remains of Paleoflora in the Breccias of the Onaping Formation, Sudbury Impact Structure, Ontario, Canada." Geological Journal (Ukraine) (1): 17-31.
  • French, Bevan M. 2018. "The Decorah structure, northeastern Iowa: Geology and evidence for formation by meteorite impact." GSA Bulletin 130 (11/12):2062-2086.
  • Thomson, Olivia A., Cavosie, Aaron J., Moser, Desmond E., Barker, Ivan, Radovan, Henri A., and French, Bevan M. 2014. "Preservation of detrital shocked minerals derived from the 1.85 Ga Sudbury impact structure in modern alluvium and Holocene glacial deposits." Geological Society of America Bulletin 126 (5-6):720-737.
  • French, Bevan M. 2012. "Nicholas M. Short (July 18, 1927-June 12, 2011) In Memorium." Meteoritics & Planetary Science 47 (1):158-162.
  • French, Bevan M. and Koeberl, Christian. 2010. "The convincing identification of terrestrial meteorite impact structures: What works, what doesn't, and why." Earth-Science Reviews 98 (1-2):123-170.
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  • French, Bevan M. 2004. "The importance of being cratered: The new role of meteorite impact as a normal geological process." Meteoritics & Planetary Science 36 (2):169-197.
  • French, Bevan M., Cordua, W. S., and Plescia, J. B. 2004. "The Rock Elm meteorite impact structure, Wisconsin: Geology and shock-metamorphic effects in quartz." Geological Society of America Bulletin 116 (1):200-218.
  • Reimold, Wolf Uwe, Koeberl, Christian, Hough, Robert M., McDonald, Iain, Bevan, Alex, Amare, Kassa, and French, Bevan M. 2003. "Woodleigh impact structure, Australia: Shock petrography and geochemical studies." Meteoritics & Planetary Science 38 (7):1109-1130.
  • French, Bevan M. 1997. "Memorial: Eugene M. Shoemaker (1928-1997)." Meteoritics & Planetary Science 32:985.
  • French, Bevan M. and Anderson, C. M. 1997. ""The man passing by on his way to the Moon" (memorial to E.M. Shoemaker)." The Planetary Report 17 (6):14-15.
  • French, Bevan M., Jezek, Peter A., and Appleman, Daniel E. 1978. "Virgilite: A New Lithium Aluminum Silicate Mineral from the Macusani Glass, Peru." American Mineralogist 63:461-465.

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