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Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History
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An important part of the mission of the Smithsonian – the increase and diffusion of knowledge – is to provide professional development experiences for teachers.

The Museum delivers high-quality professional development, including  workshops and volunteer opportunities through its departments and with other Smithsonian museums.

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Earth’s Temperature History Symposium - Day for Educators - March 29, 2018

Bring cutting edge science to your earth science or biology classroom. The museum is convening leading scientists, educators and journalists for the Earth’s Temperature History Symposium — a rare opportunity for educators to talk one-on-one with scientists about important research relevant to your classroom. The multi-day Symposium includes a one-day program dedicated to science education and communication, to promote understanding of how research on climate change throughout Earth’s past tells us about climate change today and into the future. We are currently accepting applications from DC-Metro-Area middle and high school science teachers to participate in our day for educators. Learn More and Apply

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Workshops include one-day introductory or refresher courses on topics explored by the Museum and its partners.


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Volunteer Opportunities

An exceptional way to delve into the topics explored in the Museum is by becoming a volunteer in the Education and Outreach Department. Volunteers participate in ongoing professional development, including workshops, lectures, and informal discussions with staff and volunteers.

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