Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

Stephen Cox

Department / Division
  • M.L.I.S. Kent State University 2011

  • B.S. Vanderbilt University 2000

  • Fink, Miriam, Cox, Stephen H., Jr., Garner, Michael M., Schaftenaar, Willem, Reavill, Drury, Mendyk, Robert W., and Zimmerman, Dawn. 2020. "Review of Female Reproductive Disease in Mortality of Varanid Species." from American Association of Zoo Veterinarians - Annual Conference. 101–102. (Virtual) 2020-09-24. Davis, California: American Association of Zoo Veterinarians.
  • Bullard, Kristen, Cox, Stephen, Ferry, Barbara, Lasker, Polly, and Zwicker, Susan M. 2019. [Poster] Measuring and Responding to the Evolution of Science Researcher Needs at the Smithsonian. American Library Association - Annual Conference & Exhibition, June 23, 2019. Washington, DC.