Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

Stephen Cairns

Research Zoologist, Emeritus, Curator of calcified Hydrozoa, Scleractinia, and Octocorallia
Department / Division
  • Louisiana State University in New Orleans (UNO), B.S., 1971.
  • University of Miami (RSMAS) (Biological Oceanography), M.S., 1973.
  • University of Miami (RSMAS) (Biological Oceanography), PhD., 1976.

Past-president, current Secretary and Invertebrate editor of the Biological Society of Washington and Associate editor of the Atoll Research Bulletin. Tree of Life web project, Scleractinia, Octocoral Research Center.

Research Interests

Taxonomy, zoogeography, functional morphology, mineralogy, and evolution of the Stylasteridae, and deep-water Scleractinia and Octocorallia.


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