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Morgan Gostel

GGI-Gardens Director, Botanical Research Institute of Texas

Dr. Morgan Gostel is the Director of the Global Genome Initiative for Gardens (GGI-Gardens). Morgan joined GGI in 2015 as a GGI-Buck Postdoctoral Fellow where he led GGI-Gardens as Program Manager, together with Dr. Vicki Funk. In 2018, Morgan moved to Fort Worth, Texas where he continues to direct GGI-Gardens as a Research Botanist at the Botanical Research Institute of Texas (BRIT). As Director of GGI-Gardens, Morgan coordinates outreach, training, and development for this partnership dedicated to preserving and understanding plant genomic biodiversity. His research interests include systematics and evolution of the angiosperm families Compositae and Burseaceae (mostly the genus Commiphora). His work incorporates phylogenomics, historical biogeography, and taxonomy. Dr. Gostel earned his Ph.D. in Environmental Science and Policy from George Mason University.