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Joseph Kirkbride

Research Associate
Department / Division
  • Ph.D. in Biology, City University of New York , New York Botanical Garden, A revision of the genus Declieuxia (Rubiaceae) 1968 - 1975
  • M.S. in Biology, St. Louis University, St. Louis, Missouri (1968)
  • B.S. in Biology, St. Louis University, St. Louis, Missouri (1966) 
Research Interests

Systematic botany, systematics and nomenclature of crop plants, generic treatments of various Rubiaceae genera for the Flora of Ecuador.

Journal Article
  • Delprete, Piero G. and Kirkbride, Joseph H., Jr. 2016. "New combinations and new names in Palicourea (Rubiaceae for species of Psychotria subgenus Heteropsychotria occurring in the Guianas)." Journal of the Botanical Research Institute of Texas, 10, (2) 409–442.
  • Kramina, Tatiana E., Degtjareva, Galina V., Samigullin, Tahir H., Valiejo-Roman, Carmen M., Kirkbride, Joseph H., Jr., Volis, Sergei, Deng, Tao, and Sokoloff, Dmitry D. 2016. "Phylogeny of Lotus (Leguminosae: Loteae): Partial incongruence between nrITS, nrETS and plastid markers and biogeographic implications." Taxon, 65, (5) 997–1018.
  • Kirkbride, Joseph H., Jr. 1979. "Raritebe, An Overlooked Genus of the Rubiaceae." Brittonia, 31, (2) 299–312.
  • Kirkbride, Joseph H., Jr. 1977. "Index to the Rubiaceae by Julian A. Steyermark in the Botany of the Guayana Highland by B. Maguire and Collaborators." Phytologia, 36 324–366.
  • Steyermark, Julian A. and Kirkbride, Joseph H., Jr. 1977. "Review of the Genus Perama (Rubiaceae)." Brittonia, 29, (2) 191–198.
  • Kirkbride, Joseph H., Jr. 1976. "Confirmation of Hybridization between Declieuxia fruticosa and D. passerina (Rubiaceae)." Brittonia, 28, (3) 341–347.
  • Kirkbride, Joseph H., Jr. 1976. "A Revision of the Genus Declieuxia (Rubiaceae)." Memoirs of the New York Botanical Garden, 28, (4) 1–87.
  • Kirkbride, Joseph H., Jr. 1975. "The Genus Wittmackanthus (Rubiaceae)." Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden, 62, (2) 504–509.

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  • Kirkbride, Joseph H., Jr., Gunn, C. R., Weitzman, A. L., and Dallwitz, M. J. 2000. Legume (Fabaceae) Fruits and Seeds. Parkway Publishers, Inc.
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