Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

Harold Robinson

Research Botanist Emeritus

My research currently focuses on the taxonomy and revisionary studies of the plant family Asteraceae, including the tribes Eupatorieae, Heliantheae from the New World and Vernonieae of both the New and Old World.  I have extended interests in the taxonomy of the Neotropical plant family Bromeliaceae, the Bryophytes from the New World, as well as the insect fly family Dolichopidae.

Department / Division
  • BS Degree: 1950-1955 - Ohio University, Botany¬†Major/Zoology Minor
  • MS Degree: 1955-1957 - Univ. of Tennessee, Botany Major/Entomology Minor (Advisor: Aaron J. Sharp)
  • PhD Degree: 1957-1960 - Duke University, Botany Major/Zoology Minor (Advisor: Louis E. Anderson)