Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

Anna J. Phillips

Research Zoologist and Curator of Clitellata and parasitic worms
Department / Division
  • B.Sc., Appalachian State University
  • B.S., Appalachian State University
  • Ph.D., City University of New York
Collections Areas
  • Acanthocephala
  • Annelida
    • Clitellata
      • Hirudinea
      • "Oligochaeta"
  • Chaetognatha
  • Gastrotricha
  • Gnathostomulida
  • Kinorhyncha
  • Loricifera
  • Meiofauna
  • Nematoda
  • Nematomorpha
  • Nemertea
  • Platyhelminthes
  • Priapulida
  • Rotifera
  • Tardigrada
Research Interests

Biodiversity, phylogenetic relationships, and evolutionary history of parasitic worms, with emphasis on leeches and tapeworms

Journal Article
Book Chapter
  • Mariaux, J., Tkach, V. V., Vasileva, G. P., Waeschenbach, A., Beveridge, I., Dimitrova, Y., Haukisalmi, V., Greiman, S. E., Littlewood, D. T., Makarikov, A. A., Phillips, A. J., and R. 2017. "Cyclophyllidea." In Planetary Biodiversity Inventory (PBI): Tapeworms from vertebrate bowels of the earth (2008 – 2017). Caira, J. N. and Jensen, K., editors. 77–148. University of Kansas Natural History Museum Special Publication No. 25.
  • Moser, William E., Govedich, F. R., Oceguera-Figueroa, A., Richardson, D. J., and Phillips, A. J. 2016. "Annelida, Subclass Hirudinida." In Keys to Nearctic Fauna: Volume II, Thorp and Covich's Freshwater Invertebrates. Thorp, James H. and Rogers, D. Christopher, editors. 244–259. Amsterdam: Academic Press.