Return to Rodents Nelsonia (Diminutive Woodrats) Neotoma (Wood Rats) Xenomys (Magdalena Woodrat) Hodomys (Allen's Woodrat) Baiomys (American Pygmy Mice) Scotinomys (Singing Mice) Ochrotomys (Golden Mouse) Reithrodontomys (American Harvest Mice) Onychomys (Grasshopper Mice) Peromyscus (Deer Mice) Osgoodomys (Osgood's Deermouse) Megadontomys (Big-toothed Deermice) Habromys (Crested-tailed Deermice) Neotomodon (Volcano Deermice) Podomys (Florida Mouse) Rheomys (Ichthyomyines) Sigmodon (Cotton Rats) Oligoryzomys (Colilargos) Oryzomys (Oryzomys) Ototylomys (Big-eared Climbing Rats) Tylomys (Climbing Rats) Nyctomys (Sumichrast's Vesper Rat) Otonyctomys (Otonyctomys) Dicrostonyx (Collared Lemmings) Lemmus (Brown Lemmings) Synaptomys (Southern Bog Lemmings) Arborimus (Tree Voles) Phenacomys (Heather Voles) Neofiber (Round-tailed Muskrat) Ondatra (Common Muskrat) Lemmiscus (Sagebrush Vole) Microtus (Voles) Myodes (Red-backed Voles)
Alternate Text: Orders, Families & Species in North America
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