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Webinar: Dancing the Milky Way

Archived Webinar

This Zoom webinar with scientist Kim Arcand and dance artist Kylie Murray aired February 12, 2021. Watch a recording in the player above.


Discover how we can turn data collected from space, usually viewed as colors in an image, into sound and body movement! Scientist Kim Arcand from the Center for Astrophysics | Harvard & Smithsonian and dance artist Kylie Murray from Local Motion Project join up to get you out of your seat exploring the stars, dust clouds, and the energy of the Milky Way! 

This program was part of the "Soar Together @ Air and Space Family Days: Exploring Other Worlds," produced in collaboration with the National Air and Space Museum. "Soar Together" featured scavenger hunts, dance performances, discussions, and other activities to help viewers envision potential futures on our planet and others. 

Moderator: Katie Derloshon, a museum educator at the National Museum of Natural History

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