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Natural History on the Big Screen: Frozen Obsession

Archived Webinar

This Zoom webinar featuring the filmmaker David Clark, oceanographers Brice Loose and Donglai Gong, and undergraduate student Korenna Estes aired March 4, 2021. Watch a recording in the player above. 


For centuries sailors were obsessed with finding a path across the mostly frozen Arctic. Now, scientists are racing to understand a warming Arctic, and how these environmental changes will affect all of Earth’s inhabitants. The film "Frozen Obsession" follows the 18-day, 2,000-mile Northwest Passage Project, a groundbreaking journey by scientists and students through the stunningly beautiful and extreme Canadian Arctic. This video discussion features the filmmaker and co-principal investigator, David Clark, two oceanographers from the expedition, Brice Loose and Donglai Gong, and one of the undergraduate students aboard the vessel, Korenna Estes. In a conversation moderated by NMNH ocean educator Meaghan Cuddy, they offer insight into the expedition’s research, the impacts of a warming Arctic, and the next generation of climate scientists. 

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