Enamel Betel Set
Yellow Enamel Monk's Betel Set - Gift of King Rama V, 1876Yellow Enamel Spittoon - Gift of King Rama V, 1876Yellow Enamel Betel Box - Gift of King Rama V, 1876Yellow Enamel Water Pot - Gift of King Rama V, 1876

Yellow Enamel Monk’s Betel Set
Khru’ang mak thom pat
Gift of King Chulalongkorn, 1876
Centennial Exposition, Siam Exhibit
Copper and enamel
Chinese for Thai market
Department of Anthropology, cat. # s: E27271, E27272, E27273, E27274, etc. (6 pieces)

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Betel sets for monks were of copper often decorated with floral patterns and with yellow enamel, considered a suitable color and material for monks, whose yellow robes are symbols of their vow of poverty. This set was made in China for export to Siam in 1868. An inscription in Chinese on the bottom of the betel box reads: “Made at the Super-Fine Factory in the 7th Year of Tung Chi [1868].”

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