Thai Silk
Thai Silk - Gift of King Rama IV, 1856

Thai Silk “Two pieces of Poom cloth of second quality”
Pha Pum Thai (Thai “second quality”)
Gifts of King Mongkut , 1856
Harris Treaty Gifts
Silk, natural dyes, weft mudmee (ikat)
Department of Anthropology, cat. # E83 b
326 cm length x 94 cm width

King Mongkut may have called these pieces “second quality” because of the rather thick grade of silk, which is not as fine as the Khmer silks in the Smithsonian’s Thai collection, and because the tie dyed mudmee weft pattern did not quite match up. However, the rich red, purple, burgundy, green, gold, and blue dyes are certainly very good quality.

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1a. Robert's Treaty, 1833

1b. Harris Treaty, 1856

1c. Status & Rank of the Presidents

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2a. H.M. King Chulongkorn's Gifts

2b. Centennial Exposition, 1876

2c. 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition

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3a. Institutional Gifts

3b. Recent Gifts to the US

3c. Thai Royal Gifts in Perspective

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