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Selina Cole

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Curatorial Discipline

Fossil Crinoids; Paleozoic Invertebrates

  • Cole, Selina R. 2017. "Phylogeny and morphologic evolution of the Ordovician Camerata (Class Crinoidea, Phylum Echinodermata)." Journal of Paleontology 91 (04):815–828.
  • Cole, Selina R., Ausich, William I., Colmenar, Jorge, and Zamora, Samuel. 2017. "Filling the Gondwanan gap: paleobiogeographic implications of new crinoids from the Castillejo and Fombuena formations (Middle and Upper Ordovician, Iberian Chains, Spain)." Journal of Paleontology 91 (4):715–734.
  • Wright, David F., Ausich, William I., Cole, Selina R., Peter, Mark E., and Rhenberg, Elizabeth C. 2017. "Phylogenetic taxonomy and classification of the Crinoidea (Echinodermata)." Journal of Paleontology 91 (4):829–846.

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