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LAB is inundated with internship and training requests, but we don't actually host/sponsor interns ourselves - they work in our lab, but they get "sponsored" by a staff scientist in one of the biological departments or divisions within the museum.

If you'd like to do an internship, you are encouraged to think about what group of organisms you're interested in, search that department (Botany, Entomology, Invertebrate Zoology) or which department of Vertebrate Zoology Division (Mammals, Birds, Amphibians and Reptiles, or Fish) for a curator or research scientist whose research piques your interest. Contact that person to see what kind of projects they have - you can specifically say that you're interested in working on DNA also - most of them will JUMP at that - and follow up with them. We work with them to schedule your project, training, etc. You should indicate to them your level of training with DNA extractions, PCR amplification, DNA sequencing, fragment analysis and data analysis, if any. We would recommend that the place to start your search is by going to NMNH's Research and Collections webpages and look for scientists whose research interest appeal to you.

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