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Canid skull from the US Exploring Expedition (1838-42), treated with mercuric chloride.

Canid skull from the US Exploring Expedition (1838-42). The skull had been treated with mercuric chloride as a preservative during the expedition. Later exposure to ultraviolet radiation from window light or fluorescent lamps caused the mercuric chloride to convert to mercury sulfides and metallic mercury. Photograph by the Conservation Section.

Installation of Narwhal: Revealing an Arctic Legend

Narwhal Exhibit
Read an interview with Conservation Team Member Alyx LeBlanc about the challenges and highlights of installing the NMNH's 2017 Narwhal: Revealing an Arctic Legend exhibit.
The Importance of Condition Reports

Condition Reporting
Learn about how Conservation Team members preserve museum objects for the future by reporting and repairing damage.

Using Lasers to Combat Decay

Mariana DiGiacomo talks about her work using lasers to help clean and conserve difficult objects and media for the National Musuem of Natural History.

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