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Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History
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From flickr. Elephant on the Loose. Photo courtesy of flickr user wheelo28 (CC) Some rights reserved.

Great museums are always changing to meet the needs of their visitors. Natural history museums constantly evolve as scientific knowledge, research, and understanding changes and grows. Here at our Museum we are also changing to take advantage of new technologies for studying, preserving, and displaying our research and collections. On the horizon are a new state–of–the art learning center, a total reinvention of our paleobiology halls, preservation of the global genome, and 3D digitization of our collections. The latest mobile technologies for exploring and explaining Natural History—whether in the palm of your hand or from the other side of the world—are just one way the Museum will interact with future visitors.

We invite you to imagine the Museum in 10, 50, or 100 years. What would you expect to see and do in the Museum of the future? How would you interact with the objects? Are there new things or experiences you’d like us to add? Are there things that will no longer be here or be needed?

Help us celebrate our 100th anniversary by sharing your vision of the National Museum of Natural History in the future and become part of the history of our next 100 years.

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