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Plant    Species Name:
Ulmus americana L.
syn. Ulmus floridana Chapman

Common Name:
American elm



Elms were mentioned often by various journalists, but no specimens exist to document exactly which species they had observed.  Those mentioned along the lower Missouri River, as in the following journal entry, most likely referred to the American elm (Ulmus americana L.) because of its affinity for bottomlands and universal coverage.  These entries often described the elms as "large", eliminating two other candidates, the winged elm (U. alata Michx.) and the slippery elm (U. rubra Muhl.), neither of which reach the stately heights of the American elm.

Journal Entries:
August 28, 1804:  "We then crossed to the south side to mend the periogue, and to wait to receive the Indians we expected;  and ...  more>>

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collected by G. Engelmann, St. Louis, MO 1848

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collected by B.F. Bush 535, Courtney, MO, 26 Mar 1894

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Ulmus americana (Seelig28_076)

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