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Plant    Species Name:
Oligoneuron rigidum (L.) Small var. humile (Porter) Nesom
syn. Oligoneuron canescens Rydb.
syn. Oligoneuron corymbosum (Ell.) Small var. humile (Porter) Beaudry & Kapoor
syn. Solidago canescens (Rydb.) Friesner
syn. Solidago jacksonii (Kuntze) Fern. var. humilis (Porter) Beaudry
syn. Solidago parvirigida Beaudry
syn. Solidago rigida L. var. humilis Porter
syn. Solidago rigida L. ssp. humilis (Porter) Heard & Semple

Common Name:
stiff goldenrod


Charles Mix-Brule County line, South Dakota
Brule or Charles Mix County
  September 12, 1804

See following caption
collected by L.A. Bruce 69, Jamesville, South Dakota, 1 September 1899

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