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Plant    Species Name:
Claytonia sibirica L.
syn. Montia sibirica (L.) Howell
syn. Claytonia alsinoides Sims

Common Name:
Siberian springbeauty


Cascades of the Columbia, Oregon
About 10 miles above Sandy River near Cape Horn (Beacon Rock)
  April 8, 1806

Neither Lewis nor Clark mention collecting this plant.  However, it is among the plant materials in the Lewis and Clark Herbarium in Philadelphia (PH-LC 63).  There is also confusion about the exact date and location of this collection, although Coues' (1898) suggestion of Multonomah Co., Oregon seems the most likely.

An image of the specimen in the Lewis and Clark herbarium. . . .

Claytonia sibirica (PH-LC 63).

The copyright for this image is retained by the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia; this image is used with their permission.

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collected by L. Benson 2528, Hood River Co., Oregon, 31 July 1930

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Claytonia sibirica (M. Rivers Smith)

See following caption
Claytonia sibirica (M. Rivers Smith)

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