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Plant    Species Name:
Amorpha fruticosa L.
syn. Amorpha angustifolia (Pursh) Boynt.
syn. Amorpha bushii Rydb.
syn. Amorpha occidentalis Abrams
syn. Amorpha tennesseensis Shuttlw. ex Kunze
syn. Amorpha virgata Small

Common Name:
desert false indigo


St. Charles, Missouri   May 23, 1804
Big Bend of the Missouri , South Dakota   August 27, 1806

An image of the specimen in the Lewis and Clark herbarium. . . .

Amorpha fruticosa var. angustifolia (PH-LC 11)

The copyright for this image is retained by the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia; this image is used with their permission.

Journal Entries:

Early in the trip, Captain Lewis found a plant on the lower Missouri with the same characteristics.  This earlier specimen has been ...  more>>

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collected by F. Clements 2538, Ponca, Nebraska, 14 June 1893

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Amorpha fruticosa (HaugAMFR_1V)

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Amorpha fruticosa (Justice11_22)

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