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Plant    Species Name:
Gaillardia aristata Pursh

Common Name:
common gaillardia


L&C Pass area, Montana   July 7, 1806

An image of the specimen in the Lewis and Clark herbarium. . . .

Gaillardia aristata (PH-LC 97).

The copyright for this image is retained by the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia; this image is used with their permission.

VIGNETTE: From the Lewis and Clark Trail to Seed Catalogs

by Dominique Harre Rogers

Historical Notes
The actual location at which this plant was collected, and by whom, is a little uncertain because neither Lewis nor Clark mention it, and the specimen label says only, "On dry hills on the Rocky-mountains."  However, the date given on the label, July 7, 1806, places Capt. Lewis navigating the Lewis and Clark Pass in Montana, while Capt. Clark and his men were engaged in a search for lost horses in Big Hole Valley, Montana.  Both Coues (1898) and Reveal et al. (1999) believe Lewis to be the most likely collector of this striking member of the aster family.

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collected by M.J. Elrod and assistants 102, Lo-Lo to Hot Springs, Montana, 7 June 1897

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Gaillardia aristata (Cooper02330)

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Gaillardia aristata (Harvey062)

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Gaillardia aristata (Cooper03537)

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