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Plant    Species Name:
Mimulus guttatus DC.
syn. Mimulus arvensis Greene
syn. Mimulus decorus (A.L. Grant) Suksdorf
syn. Mimulus glabratus Kunth var. ascendens Gray
syn. Mimulus grandis (Greene) Heller
syn. Mimulus grandiflorus J.T. Howell
syn. Mimulus hallii Greene
syn. Mimulus langsdorfii Donn ex Greene
syn. Mimulus lyratus Benth.
syn. Mimulus micranthus Heller
syn. Mimulus pardalis Pennell
syn. Mimulus puberulus Greene ex Rydb.
syn. Mimulus rivularis Nutt.
syn. Mimulus tenellus Nutt. ex Gray
syn. Mimulus thermalis A. Nels.

Common Name:
seep monkeyflower


Blackfoot River, Montana   July 4, 1806

An image of the specimen in the Lewis and Clark herbarium. . . .

Mimulus guttatus (PH-LC 143).

The copyright for this image is retained by the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia; this image is used with their permission.

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coll. by R.S. Williams 314, Great Falls, Montana, 27 June 1891

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Mimulus guttatus (Stensvold0067)

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Mimulus guttatus (Cooper01999)

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