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Plant    Species Name:
Picea sitchensis (Bong.) Carr.
syn. Abies falcata Raf.
syn. Abies menziesii (Dougl. ex D.Don) Lindl.
syn. Picea falcata (Raf.) Suringar
syn. Picea menziesii (Dougl. ex D.Don) Carrierre
syn. Pinus menziesii Dougl. ex D.Don
syn. Pinus sitchensis Bong.

Common Name:
Sitka spruce


Fort Clatsop, Oregon   February 4, 1806

Journal Entries:

Capt.Lewis, February 4, 1806--There are s[e]veral species of fir in this neighbourhood which I shall discribe as well as my slender ...  more>>

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collected by F.A. Walpole 1028, Clatsop, Oregon, 25 April 1900

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image from Lewis' journal, February 18, 1806

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Picea sitchensis (Stensvold0131)

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Picea sitchensis, tree (R.W. Smith)

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Picea sitchensis, bark (R.W. Smith)

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