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Plant    Species Name:
Salix amygdaloides Anderss.

syn. Salix amygdaloides Anderss. var. wrightii (Anderss.) Schneid.

syn. Salix nigra Marsh. var. amygdaloides (Anderss.) Anderss.

syn. Salix nigra Marsh. var. wrightii (Anderss.) Anderss.

syn. Salix wrightii Anderss.


Common Name:
peach-leaved willow


Chariton River, Missouri   June 14, 1804
Snake River, Washington
Along Snake river near Riparia
  October 12, 1805

Journal Entries:

This entry describes one of 30 specimens that were sent to President Jefferson from Fort Mandan and then logged into the Museum in Philadelphia on November ...  more>>

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Salix amygdaloides (R.H. Mohlenbrock)

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