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Lewis & Clark as Naturalists
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Fish    Species Name:
Oncorhynchus clarki Richardson

Common Name:
cutthroat trout


Fort Clatsop, Oregon   March 14, 1806
Great Falls, Montana   June 13, 1805

Lewis and Clark called it the speckled trout because of the spots the fish shows on the flanks and fins. Also known as the Clark's trout, the species was then new to science. Sir John Richardson, who published the first scientific description of Oncorhynchus clarki in 1836, named it after Clark. The cutthought trout, very popular as a sport fish, has been widely introduced in lakes and streams within and outside its natural range.

Journal Entries:

Capt. Lewis, June 13, 1805--Goodrich had caught half a douzen very fine trout and a number of both species of the white ...  more>>

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