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Mammal    Species Name:
Odocoileus hemionus

Common Name:
Mule Deer, Black-tailed Deer


Chamberlain, South Dakota   September 17, 1804

The other deer

The Corps could not have overlooked this species as they were so accustomed to relying on deer for food, and there is only one other species in North America for comparison, the white-tailed deer.  Compared to white-tailed deer, mule deer have a black-tipped tail, longer ears, antlers that fork along the main beam, and when startled, they run with all four feet striking the ground at the same time.  White-tailed deer spring from hind feet to fore feet.

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Journal Entries:

Four months into the expedition this newly discovered species was noted.
Cpt. Clark, September 17, 1804--Colter Killed a Goat ...  more>>

References Rafinesque, Constantine Samuel, Extracts from the Journal of Mr. Charles Le Raye, relating to some new Quadrupeds of the Missouri Region, with notes by C. S. R., American Monthly Magazine and Critical Review 1, no. 6 (October, 1817) 437-439., 1817

See following caption
black-tailed or mule deer, two females, Lamar valley, Wyoming

See following caption
black-tailed or mule deer, female, Lamar valley, Wyoming

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