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Date: July 1805

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icon-4 Allium geyeri S.Wats.
Geyer's onion
syn. Allium dictyotum Greene
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icon-1 Dendragapus obscurus
Blue Grouse

Capt. Lewis, July 21, 1805--I also saw two fesants today of a dark brown colour much larger than ...  more>>

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icon-5 Heterodon nasicus Baird and Girard
western hognose snake

Capt. Lewis, July 23, 1805--I saw a black snake today about two feet long the belly of which was as ...  more>>

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icon-1 Melanerpes lewis
Lewis' Woodpecker

Capt. Lewis, July 20, 1805--I saw a black woodpecker (or crow) today about the size of the lark ...  more>>

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icon-3 Neotoma cinerea
Bushy-tailed Wood Rat

Capt. Lewis, July 2, 1805--after our return, in moving some of the baggage we caught a large rat....  more>>

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icon-4 Ribes aureum Pursh
golden currant
syn. Chrysobotrya aurea (Pursh) Rydb.
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icon-3 Spermophilus tridecemlineatus
Thirteen-lined Ground Squirrel

Capt. Lewis, July 8, 1805--the men also brought me a living ground squirrel which is something ...  more>>

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icon-5 Thamnophis spp.
garter snake

Capt. Lewis, July 24, 1805--we observed a great number of snakes about the water of a brown uniform ...  more>>

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icon-3 Vulpes velox
Swift Fox or Kit Fox
Original name, or synonym is Canis velox Say, 1823.

Image Display <EM>Dendragapus obscurus</EM>
Dendragapus obscurus

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