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Date: June 1805

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icon-1 Calcarius mccownii
Mccown's Longspur

Larks as I shall call them

Knowing the habitat of this bird, one could predict the location of ...  more>>

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icon-1 Carduelis tristis
American Goldfinch

A high-contrast bird, the goldfinch may be seen from coast to coast during some part of the year.  In breeding ...  more>>

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icon-1 Centrocercus urophasianus
Greater Sage-Grouse

Capt. Lewis, June 5, 1805--I saw a flock of the mountain cock or a large species of heath hen with ...  more>>

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icon-1 Chordeiles minor
Common Nighthawk

Lewis takes this moment to give a lesson on members of the nightjar family.  These ground-nesting birds all ...  more>>

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icon-5 Chrysemys picta Schneider
painted turtle
Capt. Lewis, June 25, 1805-- ... see a number of water tarripens...
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icon-5 Crotalus viridis Rafinesque
western rattlesnake

Capt. Lewis, May 17, 1805 --..Capt. Clark narrowly escaped being bitten by a rattlesnake in the ...  more>>

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icon-1 Euphagus cyanocephalus
Brewer's Blackbird
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icon-2 Hiodon alosoides Rafinesque
Capt. Lewis, June 11, 1805--... the other species is precisely the form and about the size of ...  more>>
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icon-2 Ictalurus punctatus Rafinesque
channel catfish

Capt. Clark, July 24, 1804-- This evening Guthrege Cought a White Catfish, its eyes Small ...  more>>

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icon-1 Lanius ludovicianus
Loggerhead Shrike

Capt. Lewis, June 10, 1805-- I saw a small bird today which I do not recollect ever having seen ...  more>>

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icon-1 Numenius americanus
Long-billed Curlew
Capt. Lewis, June 22, 1805-- Saw a great number of buffaloe in the plains, also immence ...  more>>
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icon-2 Oncorhynchus clarki Richardson
cutthroat trout

Capt. Lewis, June 13, 1805--Goodrich had caught half a douzen very fine trout and a ...  more>>

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icon-4 Populus angustifolia James
narrowleaved cottonwood


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icon-4 Ribes cereum Dougl.
wax currant

syn. Ribes reniforme Nutt.
syn. Ribes viscidulum Berger

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icon-2 Sander canadensis Griffith and Smith
Capt. Lewis, June 11, 1805-- Goodrich who is remarkably fond of fishing caught several douzen ...  more>>
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icon-4 Sphaeromeria argentea Nutt.
silver chickensage
syn. Tanacetum nuttallii Torr. & Gray
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icon-1 Sturnella neglecta
Western Meadowlark
Capt. Lewis, June 22, 1805--..there is a kind of larke here that much resembles the bird called the ...  more>>

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Euphagus cyanocephalus

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