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Date: April 1805

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icon-3 Blarina brevicauda
Northern Short-tailed Shrew

For more information about this ...  more>>

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icon-1 Bubo virginianus
Great Horned Owl

Capt. Lewis, April 14, 1805--one of a party killed a large hooting owl;  I observed no ...  more>>

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icon-1 Colaptes auratus
Northern Flicker

The Captains noted the "lark woodpecker" at several points along their route, both outbound and returning. This ...  more>>

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icon-1 Eremophila alpestris
Horned Lark
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icon-4 Helianthus tuberosus L.
Jerusalem artichoke

It is unclear whether this passage may be describing digging for roots of Helianthus tuberosus or for ...  more>>

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icon-3 Lynx rufus
Original name, or synonym is Felis rufa Schreber, 1777.
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icon-3 Ovis canadensis
Bighorn Sheep

The explorers heard about the bighorn sheep long before any of them ever saw one.
Capt. Clark,...  more>>

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icon-3 Thomomys talpoides
Northern Pocket Gopher

Capt. Lewis, April 9, 1805--Capt. Clark walked on shore to-day and informed me on his return, that ...  more>>

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icon-3 Ursus arctos
Brown Bear

these bears . . . Reather intimedates us

Nothing penetrated the mens' psyches like the grizzly ...  more>>

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Ovis canadensis

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