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Lewis & Clark as Naturalists
The Collection: Locality Information Lewis and Clark as Naturalists
Locality Name:
Boyd County
Boyd County , Nebraska

Distance from Camp Dubois: 1,051 miles

Species Encountered:
icon-3 Cynomys ludovicianus
Black-tailed Prairie Dog
September 7, 1804

On first encountering a village of prairie dogs, the able crew spent an entire day digging and flooding tunnels in hopes of capturing a number of ...  more>>

icon-4 Zizania palustris L. var. interior (Fassett) Dore
northern wildrice
September 8, 1804
Along the Missouri River near the Nebraska-South Dakota state line

An image of the specimen in the Lewis and Clark herbarium. . . .

Journal Entries:

Distance from Camp...  more>>

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