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Lewis & Clark as Naturalists
The Collection: Locality Information Lewis and Clark as Naturalists
Locality Name:
Marias River
Chouteau County , Montana

Species Encountered:
icon-1 Calcarius mccownii
Mccown's Longspur
June 4, 1805
On Marias River

Larks as I shall call them

Knowing the habitat of this bird, one could predict the location of Lewis and Clark to be in the western ...  more>>

icon-1 Centrocercus urophasianus
Greater Sage-Grouse
June 5, 1805
On Marias River

Largest of the North American grouse, the greater sage-grouse also has the most dramatic courtship display.  As Lewis and Clark make no mention of ...  more>>

icon-4 Sphaeromeria argentea Nutt.
silver chickensage
June 6, 1805
On Teton River
icon-1 Carduelis tristis
American Goldfinch
June 8, 1805
On Marias River

A high-contrast bird, the goldfinch may be seen from coast to coast during some part of the year.  In breeding season, the male wears a yellow cape ...  more>>

icon-1 Lanius ludovicianus
Loggerhead Shrike
June 10, 1805
Mouth of Marias River
icon-2 Hiodon alosoides Rafinesque
June 11, 1805
Missouri river above mouth of Marias river
More than once, the expedition combined natural history observation with practical tasks such as collecting food supply. On June 15, 1805, Lewis descibed two ...  more>>
icon-2 Sander canadensis Griffith and Smith
June 11, 1805
Missouri river above mouth of Marias river

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