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Lewis & Clark as Naturalists
The Collection: Locality Information Lewis and Clark as Naturalists
Locality Name:
Musselshell River - Above the mouth of the Musselshell River
Musselshell County , Montana

Species Encountered:
icon-4 Opuntia fragilis (Nutt.) Haw.
brittle pricklypear
May 20, 1805
icon-2 Ictalurus punctatus Rafinesque
channel catfish
May 22, 1805
The channel catfish, much smaller than the bluecatfish, weights no more than thirty pounds. If the fish caught that day by the party were indeed channel ...  more>>
icon-3 Mephitis mephitis
Striped Skunk
May 25, 1805

The striped skunk ,or polecat, received just two short entries in the diaries, one each from Lewis and Clark.  This relative of the weasel and otter is ...  more>>

Journal Entries:

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